5 Adventure Animated Movies like Luca (2021)

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Movies like Luca 2021
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Which one of these great movies should I watch next?

Just got done watching Disney’s much awaited Luca? Did you love the unlikely friendship between a human and a sea monster trying to live on land, disguised as a human? Here are 5 more movies like Luca. Enjoy these films that showcase growing friendships, explorative adventures and loads of good laughs.

5 Movies like Luca (2021) – About Friendship, Adventure and Comedy

1 Home (2015)

Home - movies like Luca 2021IMDB 6.6 | 95K Ratings

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A bungling little alien, Oh, is on the run from his planet. He needs a new home. That quest brings him to planet earth. He makes friends with a little girl who is out seeking her own adventure. Together, they develop a lovely friendship that takes them places.

The plot is very similar to what you saw in Luca. If you particularly liked the plot in Luca, Home is definitely going to be a home run in this list of movies similar to Luca.

Oh is adorable. Earnest and very innocent and full of smarts. The casting director was spot on when they chose Jim Parsons for Oh’s voice. Oh’s character very much resembles Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons in Big Bang Theory. Oh is exceptionally smart but socially ignorant and it makes for hilariously funny and awkward conversations.

Pop artist Rihanna lends her voice to Tucci, the girl Oh befriends. Home also features voice artistry from the likes of Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez. A thoroughly enjoyable movie. There’s even a cat like you saw in Luca. This one is a lot friendlier though!

2 Cars (2006)

Cars - Movies similar to Luca (2021)IMDB 7.1 | 379K Ratings

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“Faster than Fast. Lighting Quick. I am Lightning McQueen” That’s a car by the way. Cars is a Disney movie about cars that can speak, make friends and have feelings.

And, Lighting McQueen is the star (Voice by Owen Wilson). Lightning McQueen is a race car. But, on the way to a race in California, he has an accident and damages a road in a small town called Radiator Springs. He is sentenced to fix the damage he caused.

While there, he befriends a host of simple cars going about their simple lives in the sleepy town. With time, Lightning McQueen’s values and outlook on life changes. It’s a beautiful movie that your kids will enjoy and also learn a few good lessons from. Humility, friendship and appreciating loyalty from friends. If all that sounds like goodness, Cars is the movie you want to watch after Luca!

Other voice artists in Cars are Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Larry the Cable Guy and Cheech Marin and a few more. Though the movie didn’t win an Oscar, it was nominated for best animated feature film of the year and also for best achievement in Music.

3 Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatoulle - films like Luca 2021IMDB 8.0 | 656K Ratings

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One is a bungling trainee chef. The other is a rat that wants to become a culinary chef. So, when the young chef is entrusted with the responsibility of getting rid of the rat found sneaking around in a restaurant, they make an unlikely pact.

The rat cooks and the cook gets to keep his job, passing off the rat’s cooking as his own. But, all this must be done on the down low.

Ratatouille won the Oscar for best animated movie of the year in 2007. And, it had good reason to. It’s just an endearing movie with lots of subtle comedy that both adults and kids will enjoy alike. Ratatouille features voice work by Brad Garrett (Robert in Everybody Loves Raymond), Lou Romano, Patton Oswalt and several others.

Just a wholesome movie about an unlikely friendship.

4 Lilo and Stich (2002)

Lilo and Stitch - films to watch after LucaIMDB 7.2 | 173K Ratings

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Stitch is an alien puppy. He is the product of a genetic experiment on an another planet. He speaks gibberish, is full of mischief and has a crazy amount of energy and strength.

When he first lands in planet Hawaii, he wreaks havoc on the island’s inhabitants. Everyone’s terrified of his mischief and damage. But, when Stitch meets Lilo, he understands the value of friendship. They become unlikely buddies who are loyal to each other. As they explore their friendship, they must also fight off an evil alien dispatched to find and bring Stitch back to the lab where he was created.

The movie has an underlying ‘Ohana theme from Hawaii that stresses on the importance of family and friendship. A wholesome movie to watch after Luca.

5 Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

Raya and the Last Dragon - disney movies like LucaIMDB 7.4 | 76K Ratings

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If you are looking for an animated adventure and friendship movie that came out recently, this is the movie for you. Disney’s Raya is a warrior. She must find a dragon that will then help her save her people from an evil tribe.

But, the dragon she meets is not exactly what she had on her mind. Instead of being a menacing and powerful ally, Sisu is goofy, funny and quite weird. But, the partnership still works as they go about their quest to free their land from the evil grips of a notorious tribe.

We also wrote a post about 11 movies like Raya and the Last Dragon if you want to find even more similar movies to Luca or Raya and the Last Dragon.

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