6 Home Invasion Movies like Intrusion (2021)

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Which one of these great movies should I watch next?

A home invasion always makes for a thrilling movie plot. And, Netflix’s recent release Intrusion starring Freida Pinto was no exception. When the safest place you can think of, your home, becomes a place of terror, it just brings on fear of an unparalleled kind. If you are in the mood for more drama thriller home invasion movies like Intrusion, we have just the list for you. Here are 6 movies in the same genre, with two of them streaming on Netflix.

Oh, if you liked Intrusion and also like horror, you must check out these movies like Night House. Night House is also a home intrusion movie. But, the intruders are the metaphysical kind. Rebecca Hall is simply brilliant at Beth, a wife who mourns her husband’s death, in a scenic but secluded lake house.

6 Movies like Intrusion (2021) – Thrilling Home Invasion Plots

1 Hush (2016)

hush - movies like intrusion 2021IMDB 6.6 | 115K Ratings

Stars: Kate Seigel, John Gallagher Jr., Michael Trucco

Watch on Netflix

Looking for Netflix movies like Intrusion? Just navigate to search and type in Hush. Protagonist Maddie (Kate Siegel) is both deaf and mute. She’s a writer who has chosen to stay in a secluded home. But, her much anticipated retreat becomes a nightmare when a masked killer toys with her fear and life. He seems to not just want to kill her, but sadistically enjoy her fear and despair before he does.

This movie is a slasher movie, a psychological horror and also a thriller movie. While the movie might seem to go down very familiar paths, it every now and then carves out a unique niche for itself with a well-timed plot twist. Kate Seigel has put in a brilliant performance to keep you glued to your screens. A thoroughly enjoyable movie, just like Intrusion.

2 Gerald’s Game (2017)

Gerald's game - movies like intrusion 2021IMDB 6.5 | 98K Ratings

Stars: Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Chiara Aurelia

Watch on Netflix

A movie where Carla Gugino made quite a name for herself. The movie opens with a husband and wife engaged in some kink on bed. But, it quickly transcends into a thriller movie when Jessie (Carla Gugino) accidentally kills her husband Gerald (Bruce Greenwood). Making matters worse is the fact that Carla is handcuffed to the bed. Now, with her dead husband on top of her, she begins to start hearing and seeing things. Are there really people in the house? Or, is she losing her mind?

What kind of sick game could this be? That’s for you to find out when you watch this film, another Netflix movie like Intrusion!

3 Panic Room (2002)

Panic Room - films like intrusion 2021IMDB 6.8 | 269K Ratings

Stars: Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Forest Whitaker

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Released in 2002, Panic Room still remains the go-to choice for home invasion movies after almost 20 years since its release. Meg (Jodie Foster) and her young daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart) have just moved into a large brownstone apartment in New York. The home is equipped with a panic room, built to protect the residents against natural calamities or riots or unrest. But, when three burglars carry out a home invasion, mother and daughter have no choice but to seek respite in the panic room. At first, they think they are safe, as the panic room seems impenetrable. But, when they realize that the burglars want what’s in the panic room, the game of life and death begins, as they know the intruders won’t stop until they breach the panic room. A literal game of cat and mouse within a home.

The kind of movie that is scripted for a Jodie Foster performance. And, you can see why Kristen Stewart catapulted to become a A-list actress after her performance in this movie. Forest Whitaker shines as well, as a level-headed and the sanest of the three intruders. A thoroughly entertaining watch.

4 Don’t Breathe (2016)

Don't breathe - movies like intrusion 2021IMDB 7.1 | 250K Ratings

Stars: Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

A group of three thieves make a living by breaking into homes of unsuspecting wealthy people. Easy in and out jobs with no complications. Their modus operandi is effective as no one’s usually home. But, when they hear about a blind veteran who is sitting on a huge insurance settlement in cash at his secluded home, they decide to rob him while he is in the house. After all, how much can a blind man fight back is what they think.

But, once inside, they learn shocking secrets about their supposedly helpless victim that turns the tables on them. A home invasion movie where the intruders are the ones trying to flee for their lives! A movie so popular and unique that it warranted a sequel that just came out in August 2021. So, if you liked Don’t Breathe, you have the sequel to enjoy as well, as one more movie like Intrusion!

5 The Strangers (2008)

strangers - movies like intrusion - home invasion movies.IMDB 6.2 | 124K Ratings

Stars: Scott Speedman, Liv Tyler, Gemma Ward

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

If you are looking for a creepy rather than scary home invasion movie, The Strangers is what you want to watch. Kristen (Liv Tyler) and her partner James (Scott Speedman) are spending the weekend at their family vacation home. But, the home attracts strange visitors. First, a mysterious woman shows up at the door. James then accidentally kills his friend in a frenzy, mistaking him for an intruder.

But, there’s no let up. Three more intruders arrive, masked and without any clear agenda but to terrorize and torture them. There’s a lot of silence. There’s a lot of unexpected thuds. There are creepy knocks. The movie is terrifying that way. And, remember we said creepy. Don’t be surprised if your find the hair on the back of your neck raised from time to time. That’s what happens when intruders try to take you in your home and you don’t even know why they want to do the things they do.

6 The Resident (2011)

The Resident - films like Intrusion 2021IMDB 5.3 | 27K Ratings

Stars: Hillary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lee Pace

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

This isn’t a scary movie to watch per se. It’s more about obsession and some serious deviant stalking. And, it’s all done by a landlord Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who is obsessed with his tenant, Dr. Juliet Devereau (Hillary Swank). Dr. Juliet dates the handsome Max, only to quickly call it off as she thinks a tenant landlord can’t be in a romantic relationship.

But, this doesn’t go down well with Max who becomes obsessed with her. As a landlord, he has several means to stalk and terrorize the young doctor who must find a way out of the apartment from hell. A movie that got many surprisingly bad reviews. But, if it’s the home intrusion genre you are after, we think it is definitely worth the watch. At least watch the trailer to see if this can be the last film on this list of movies like Intrusion!

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