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IMDB 7.7 | 334K Ratings
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Which one of these great movies should I watch next?

Those Who Wish Me Dead was a much awaited movie, one that brought Angelina Jolie back to the silver screens. And, it didn’t disappoint. The action thriller features Jolie as a survival expert who comes across a young murder witness with cold blooded assassins after him. If you liked how she saved the young boy from gun toting killers amidst a raging forest fire, you will like these 6 movies like Those Who Wish Me Dead.

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6 Action Thriller Movies like Those Who Wish Me Dead

1 The Call (2013)

The Call - Movies like Those Who Wish me DeadIMDB 6.7 | 115K Ratings

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In The Call, Halle Berry is a veteran 911 dispatcher. When she hears a frantic call from a kidnapped girl come in, she makes it a personal mission to save her from a demented kidnapper. The movie is a high tension thriller. You won’t want to miss a single minute of it. Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) stays on the call with Casey (Abigail Breslin) for as long as she can. Then, using cues she heard on the call and with help from the police, she tracks down the kidnapper.

The climax is riveting. The acting performances are first class. Both Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin sizzle with their roles as rescuer and survivor. If you liked the camaraderie shared between Hannah and Connor in Those Who Wish Me Dead, you will love the chemistry between the two lead characters in The Call too.

Definitely first on our list of movies like Those Who Wish Me Dead.

2 Unhinged (2021)

Unhinged - Films like Those Who Wish Me DeadIMDB 6.0 | 50K Ratings

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Unhinged just came out and is the top trending Amazon Prime movie like Those Who Wish Me Dead. Russell Crowe plays an unnamed man who has just lost his job and marriage. He’s given up on life and is ready to go to any extent to unleash his rage. While the plot might sound a bit cliché, where it takes a strange twist is that Russell Crowe’s character unleashes his wrath on an innocent mother and son. Why? Because the impatient mother honked and flipped him off at an intersection, without giving him the ‘courtesy tap’ that he deserved.

We put courtesy tap in quotations because it does come into play late in the movie. You will get it when you watch it. Russell Crowe delivers a great performance as the infuriated man. Caren Pistorius as Rachel and Gabriel Bateman as Kyle also deliver convincing performances.

An action thriller you will definitely enjoy, with a mother trying to protect her son against a madman.

3 Extraction (2020)

Extraction - Netflix movies like Those Who Wish Me DeadIMDB 6.7 | 168K Ratings

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If you are a fan of Thor, aka Chris Hemsworth, you probably want to bump up Extraction to first on your list of movies like Those Who Wish Me Dead. Hemsworth is Tyler Rake, a mercenary for hire. He specializes in high risk extractions. His next mission? To rescue and return the kidnapped kid of an international crime lord.

The movie is set in India and the action sequences are just mind blowing. The director takes you through crowded streets, markets, residential complexes and jam packed highways to deliver stunning action visuals. The chemistry between Tyler and Ovi (Rudhrakash Jaiswal) is great as well, with a little humor sprinkled in here and there. Extraction is directed by Sam Hargrave who has worked on stunts for Avengers: Endgame and Atomic Blonde. It’s all about the action in this one.

Just an exciting shoot’em up style movie with loads of Chris Hemsworth masculinity on offer.

4 Firewall (2006)

Firewall - movies similar to those who wish me deadIMDB 5.8 | 57K Ratings

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Firewall is a bit of an oddball in our list of movies like Those Who Wish Me Dead. But, we like this because it is an underrated movie. Harrison Ford is Jack Stanfield. Jack is a high profile security officer at a bank. The charming Paul Bettany plays Bill, the kidnapper. What does he want? For Jack to disable the bank’s security systems so he can hack in and route out all the money.

Jack’s got a camera on him and the kidnapper can always see what he sees and what he hears. But, Jack still finds a way to protect his family in what is an exciting climax. Harrison Ford is excellent in his usual stoic persona that doesn’t give much emotion away. Paul Bettany probably takes the spotlight more than Harrison Ford in this movie though.

A fun family action thriller to watch is what we will say about Firewall.

5 House at the End of the Street (2012)

House at the End of the Street - Movies similar to those who wish me deadIMDB 5.6 | 74K Ratings

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House at the End of the Street stars Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue as leading characters. The mother and daughter move into a new locality. The house at the end of the street has a dark history. But, Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) takes sympathy on Ryan (Max Thieriot), the houses’ strange occupant, who has been outcast by the locality.

But, will it turn out to be a costly mistake? Can Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) save her daughter? A drama thriller where you will see some of the same camaraderie shared between Jolie and the teenage murder witness in Those Who Wish Me Dead.

6 Man On Fire (2004)

IMDB 7.7 | 334K Ratings

Watch on Amazon Prime VideoMan on Fire - films like those who wish me dead

Denzel Washington is John. W. Creasy. He is an ex-CIA operative now for hire as a bodyguard. He is hired by Samuel and Lisa Ramos (Marc Anthony and Radha Mitchell) to protect their daughter Lupita (Dakota Fanning). But, when Lupita is kidnapped despite John’s best efforts, he is overcome with vengeance. He will stop at absolutely nothing to find and return the daughter who he swore he will protect.

Just like in Those Who Wish Me Dead, John and Lupita develop a close personal bond that brings them together.

So, did you like our list of movies like Those Who Wish Me Dead? Other movies you can possibly try are Panic Room, Bird Box and Leon the Professional. We didn’t write about those as everyone suggests them and they are obvious boring choices. Instead, we wanted to give you a list that you probably haven’t seen before! We hope we were able to do that! Let us know in the comments.

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