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Movies like Stowaway 2021 Netflix
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Which one of these great movies should I watch next?

In Netflix’s Stowaway, an engineer is mistakenly taken along on a space ship after he goes unconscious while carrying out maintenance checks . Initially, the original crew of 3 astronauts try to put the stowaway at ease. But, as time goes by and oxygen and resources run low, will they turn on him to protect themselves and the mission objective. If you liked Stowaway for the survival plot within a space mission plot, you will love also love the following space survival movies like Stowaway.

We also wrote up some recommendations for recent Sci-Fi movies that came out. Here are movies like Voyagers and movies similar to Chaos Walking.

6 Gripping Space Survival Movies like Stowaway

1 Gravity (2013)

Gravity - Movies like Stowaway 2021Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity is a visual spectacle. Much of the movie simply immerses you in the beautifully humbling void of an expanse that is outer space. Two astronauts try to work together to return home, after their spaceship is hit by space debris.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney deliver incredible performances in this movie. Gravity is a thriller, a drama or even an action movie. All 3 genres on offer, in spectacular style. Prepare to go for a very emotional ride as you wear the shoes of Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock). With nothing but a will to survive and a need to return to planet earth, she does everything she can to escape a permanent drift into outer space.

Gravity has a 7.7 rating at IMDB, with over 750,000 votes.

2 Armageddon (1998)

Armageddon - Movies similar to StowawayArmageddon is very similar movie to Stowaway when you look at the plot. In Stowaway, an engineer mistakenly goes on a space mission. In Armageddon, a team of deep core drillers are purposefully taken into outer space. What is their mission? To drill a hole deep into an asteroid so a bomb can be piped down to blow it apart before it collides with planet earth.

As incredible as the plot sounds, Director Michael Bay pulls it off in spectacular style. Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler all deliver phenomenal acting performances.

Armageddon will have you on the edge of your seats, especially during the spectacular climax.

Armageddon has a rating of 6.7 after close to 400,000 votes were cast on it at IMDB.

3 The Martian (2015)

The Martian - Space Survival movie like StowawayWatch on Amazon Prime Video

Matt Damon is Mark Whatney. On a mission to Mars, he is presumed dead after a storm. With his team mates long gone, Mark tries to survive on the red planet, with supplies dwindling quickly. But, using just his ingenuity, positive spirit and humorous approach to life, he somehow finds a way to communicate his survival to mission control on Earth.

As NASA scrambles to come up with a plan to bring him back, his departed team thinks up an unthinkable return and rescue plan. Meanwhile, Mark uses his innovation to try to grow food on Planet Mars, to stay alive until he can be rescued.

The Martian is rated 8 at IMDB, with close to 800,000 votes.

4 Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar Movie - movies to watch after stowawayPlanet Earth is doomed by many natural disasters. Humanity’s only hope for survival is through Interstellar travel. What does that mean? It means an astronaut will have to travel through a wormhole to find a planet that can sustain mass human life.

The chosen Astronaut is Cooper (Matthew McConaughey). He is known as a space Intellect and can also pilot a spaceship like no other. But, Interstellar travel comes with its own set of perils. A few minutes on a different planet can be a few years on Planet Earth. By the time Cooper’s mission is over, his children and their children might have died after living normal life spans.

This movie will make you think and ponder about how fragile life on earth really is. It is also easily the most popular movie on our list of movies like Stowaway.

At IMDB, Interstellar has a brilliant 8.6 rating, with more than 1.5 Million votes cast for it.

5 Pitch Black (2000)

Pitch Black - movies like StowawayWatch on Amazon Prime Video

So, Pitch Black has Vin Diesel in the lead. You know Vin Diesel usually brings high octane action to his movies. It’s no different here. Unlike most of the other space survival movies on this list, Pitch Black is about 11 space survivors fighting off alien creatures on a strange planet. They must also hunt for food and water to stay alive.

Oh, the planet has another problem. Its totally dark, thanks to a once-in-12 year astronomical event where no star’s light can reach it. The movie also features Radha Mitchell in a leading role. In case you didn’t know, Vin Diesel is Richard B. Riddick in this movie. And this is the movie that spawned off the very popular Riddick movie franchise.

Pitch Black has a 7.1 rating at IMDB, with well over 200,000 votes.

Alien (1979)

Alien - netflix movies like stowawayWatch on Amazon Prime Video

We go back to 1979 for this last movie recommendation. And, we go back 5 decades for very good reason. Ridley Scott’s Alien is probably the mother of all space survival movies.

Sigourney Weaver is Ripley, an astronaut aboard a merchant space vessel. The crew responds to a strange distress call. But, just when they thought there was nothing to rescue on the distress call, a menacing and mysterious alien life form begins to attack the crew, killing them one by one. If they were already up against a super human life form, the crew also has to deal with the unique way in which the alien procreates.

Simply a masterpiece that will have you chewing your nails and probably a little bit of the finger skin away! Sigourney Weaver is epic in her performance and it is no surprise that this movie saw a long list of sequels made after it, all extremely successful in their own right.

Alien has a rating of 8.4 with close 800,000 votes at IMDB.

There you have it, movies similar to or movies like Stowaway. Which one of these are you going to watch first? Give us a shout out with a comment. Share this post with your friends who might have also watched Stowaway and are in the mood for more!

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