6 Thrilling Movies like Nobody (2021)

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Movies like Nobody 2021
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Which one of these great movies should I watch next?

In Nobody (2021), Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) unleashes years of suppressed fury. A victim of indignities thrown at him for a long time, Hutch suddenly finds the courage to liberate himself with violence and vigilante justice. When good guys are pushed to a corner and have nothing to lose, beware! If you liked this movie full of chaos, mayhem and the liberating of a suppressed soul, you will love these 6 movies like Nobody.

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6 Thrilling Action Movies like Nobody (2021)

1 The Accountant (2016)

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Ben Affleck is Christian Wolff. He is a math savant. He also struggles to socialize with people. So, when you see him covertly work as a highly sought after accountant for very wealthy clients, you figure it makes sense. But then, the body count begins to rise around him. Is he just an accountant or is there more to him? Anna Kendrick plays Christian’s love interest. The movie has an excellent supporting case with other actors like J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal and Cynthia Addai-Robinson.

This movie will have you rooting for the quiet guy who has been messed with for too long now. Ben Affleck sizzles in a somber role that seems to suit his acting style well. There’s plenty of action and the plot will keep you dialed in from start to end. Definitely the first movie we will recommend for movies like Bob Oderkirk’s Nobody.

2 Unforgiven (1992)

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One of Clint Eastwood’s best work as both Director and Writer. Here, he plays Bill Munny, a former gunslinger who lives a quiet life trying to raise pigs in the middle of nowhere. But, when a young bounty hunter comes to him to seek a partnership to help kill two men who cut up prostitutes for a hefty reward, Bill takes on one last job. Along the way, he recruits his old friend Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman). The trio set off to a town where their targets are known to frequent. But, what they don’t know is that the town is guarded by a narcissistic lunatic in Sheriff Little Bill Daggett (Gene Hackman). Thinking he is above the law, Little Bill Daggett crosses a line he never should have. What will Bill do the right the great wrong done to him?

A 2 hour 10 minute masterpiece that will not want you to miss a single word of dialog. The screenplay is brilliant. The casting is just perfect. There are just enough interesting characters to keep the slow moving plot a little interestingly interrupted from time to time.

A cowboy take on the same sort of plot you so enjoyed in Nobody (2021)

3 The Next Three Days (2010)

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A wife (Elizabeth Banks) is wrongly accused of murder. Her husband (Russell Crowe) knows she is innocent. He goes to great lengths to prove her innocence, but to no avail. Tired of fighting against an unjust system, he decides to break her out of prison.

His careful plan needs three days. The movie is essentially about what happens in those three action packed days. Action packed and intensely emotional. This is an action drama movie with a family in the middle of it all. Both Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks are brilliant in their roles. Liam Neeson plays his part as a mysterious ex-con who knows a thing or two about breaking out of prison, sharing this wisdom with the husband.

4 Falling Down (1993)

Falling Down - Movies like Nobody 2021Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Michael Douglas is William Foster, an ordinary man on his way back home from work. But, when he is stuck in a horrendous traffic job, something in him snaps. He abandons his car and walks to a store to ask for some change to make a call. When the owner refuses to give him change, he goes berserk and takes a baseball bat to the shop. Then, the vigilante carnage just continues. He confronts gangsters, indifferent fast-food chain employees and many others during the course of a single day.

If you liked watching Bob Odenkirk finally snap out of a quiet life to take on an unjust world, you will love Michael Douglas doing the same in this movie. Michael is brilliant as the unassuming but simmering man who then explodes into chaos. The movie also features Robert Duvall in a great supporting role. A thoroughly enjoyable thriller. No shoot up action but plenty of drama on offer.

5 John Q (2002)

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Denzel Washington is John Quincy Archibald. His son needs a heart transplant. But, the problem is that John Q’s insurance doesn’t cover the very expensive procedure. Out of ideas, John Q does the last thing anyone thought he would do. He takes the entire hospital hostage. Cure his son or patients in the emergency waiting room die, one by one. Robert Duvall plays a negotiator who tries to talk sense into John Q. Ray Liotta is an impatient police sergeant who wants to take down John Q with a sniper. If all this drama was not enough, the clock is running down on the son’s failing health.

What will happen in the end? Will the boy survive? Will John Q make it out alive? An intense emotional roller coaster of a movie. Denzel Washington is brilliant in a high-strung role.

If you liked Bob Odenkirk in Nobody, you will love John Q in this movie, risking everything he has just to give his son a chance to live.

6 Homefront (2013)

Homefront - Movies like Nobody 2021Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Jason Statham plays Phil Broker. A highly accomplished former DEA agent, he moves to a very quiet town to enjoy life with his little daughter. But, trouble soon starts. A confrontation with a drunk puts him at war with a reckless meth lord (James Franco) who wants revenge at all costs. A movie that slowly but surely builds from tense to outright jaw dropping action, much like in Nobody.

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  1. Falling Down is a gem. Quite similar to Nobody. But, I think a talented actor like Bob Odenkirk should have got into the movie scene with a movie about Breaking Bad, or better yet, Better Call Saul! Nobody was good. But his acting legacy has been wasted with this action movie choice. Now he has to establish himself in the movie industry before landing roles that will allow him to portray great characters like Saul Goodman!

    I hope it happens though

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