6 Zombie Movies like Army of the Dead (2021)

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Movies like Army of the Dead 2021
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Which one of these great movies should I watch next?

Army of the Dead is probably going to go down as Netflix’s biggest release in the first half of 2021. A crew is hired to rob a vault, amidst a zombie apocalypse. A Zack Snyder special indeed! If you liked the gore, the plotting and zombie galore, here are 6 more movies like Army of the Dead.

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6 Thrilling Zombie Movies like Army of the Dead (2021)

1 Train to Busan (2016)

Train to Busan - movies like Army of the Dead

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IMDB 7.6 | 176K Ratings

First on our list of movies like Army of the Dead comes to you from Korean shores. And, we have got very good reason to recommend a foreign language film. Train to Busan is just intense from start to finish. A father and his daughter are on a high speed train from Seoul to Busan. But, a zombie apocalypse breaks out right on the train and everywhere else in the country.

Gong Yoo has put in a brilliant performance as Seok-Woo, the father who will do anything to protect his young daughter. There are many stunning visuals in the movie. There are many mini-plots as well, always keeping you at the edge of your seats.

Train to Busan is so popular with zombie fan cults that they revere it over anything made on American soil. It’s just a brilliant watch. You won’t be disappointed with this movie that doesn’t skimp on runtime. There’s a solid 1 hour 58 minutes of almost non-stop zombie action. Buckle in and enjoy the ride!

2 Rec (2007)

Rec - films like Army of the DeadWatch on Amazon Prime Video

IMDB 7.4 | 168K Ratings

Rec is another foreign language movie. It’s from Spain this time. The movie is shown through the camera of a local TV reporter who decides to follow a team of firemen on their nightly calls.

Unlike zombies that come at you with crazy abandon, this mysterious breed of zombies wait and lurk in the dark, to attack when you least expect it. For a large part of the movie, you won’t know what you are dealing with. When the terror comes, it will send chilling pulses down your spine. Prepare for many screams that will make your blood curl!

3 Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Dawn of the Dead - movies to watch after Army of the DeadWatch on Amazon Prime Video

IMDB 7.3 | 240K Ratings

Who better to bring you a movie like Army of the Dead than its director Zack Snyder himself! In Dawn of the dead, a small group of people from ordinary walks of life fight off a zombie apocalypse, from a mall no less. A nurse, a nervy policeman, a young couple with a pregnant wife and others dig deep, think creatively and do their best to stay alive as the zombies close in.

Supplies begin to run low and the shopping mall can no longer be a safe refuge. Where will they go next? How will they make a break for it?

Action, gore and an exciting escape plan follows, all made with Zack Snyder’s signature directing style.

4 28 Weeks Later (2007)

28 weeks later - movies similar to army of the deadWatch on Amazon Prime Video

IMDB 7.0 | 262K Ratings

28 Weeks Later is the sequel to 28 Days Later, another very successful zombie movie if you want to check it out. The last infected human was killed 6 months ago. Or, so they thought. A plan to repopulate London with non-zombie survivors goes horribly wrong when the zombies return.

The movie stars Jeremy Renner, Rose Byrne, Idris Elba, Robert Carlyle and a few other very popular stars to deliver a captivating watch. It builds slowly but surely, to take you into a climax that will hardly give you time to breathe as you take it all in.

If you have seen 28 Days Later, this is a definite follow up as a movie to watch after Army of the Dead. If you haven’t seen the prequel, you probably want to start with that. The prequel or original features Cillian Murphy who delivers a masterful performance. 28 Days Later has a 7.6 rating at IMDB, with almost 400k ratings. Only Train to Busan has a similar or better rating on this list.

5 World War Z (2013)

world war z - movies similar to army of the deadWatch on Amazon Prime Video

IMDB 7.0 | 612K Ratings

World War Z stars Brad Pitt who delivers one of his best acting performances, in a zombie movie no less. Like the name of the movie suggests, the world is at war against the zombies. Nobody knows what caused the zombie apocalypse. Many countries have gone dark.

The word is that humanity as we know it will end in 90 days. The key to surviving it is to find where and how it all started. Brad Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a UN employee who leaves his family to embark on a mission to try to stop the apocalypse.

What makes World War Z stand out in this list of movies like Army of the Dead is that the plot is riveting. Usually, plots in zombie movies are just a flimsy playpen to present all the zombies as a spectacle. Not here. Here, you might just be more interested in seeing how the plot plays out than watching the zombies wreak havoc.

A thoroughly entertaining watch!

6 I Am Legend (2007)

I am Legend - films like Army of the DeadWatch on Amazon Prime Video

IMDB 7.2 | 698K Ratings

I Am Legend offers some stunning visuals of New York City. Can you imagine New York City with just one person living there? That’s essentially what Director Francis Lawrence has managed to picturize in this movie. Will Smith is the lone survivor. It’s just him and his dog.

When the Director of I Am Legend was quizzed about how he shot the scenes showing a deserted New York, he said he just requested people to leave! Can you imagine asking that of New Yorkers? If anything, this zombie movie is worth watching for that alone. It’s eerie to see the iconic in shambles, deserted and without life.

The zombies are of a different breed as well. They can’t hunt when the sun’s out. So, Robert Neville (Will Smith) roams around during the day, trying to keep himself sane. At night, he uses his own zombie-resistant blood to try to create an antidote that he tests on zombie rats in his lab.

Can he successfully create an antidote? It all boils down to a climax that finds its way right into his lab, in a home that he barricaded and thought he was safe in. Along the way, Robert runs into a couple of fellow survivors, a woman and her son, adding an interesting twist to the plot.

Just like World War Z, this is another zombie movie with a very interesting plot.

So, how did you like our list of movies like Army of the Dead? Which ones made your cut? Please let us know in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you, as always!

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