7 Musical Romantic Movies like A Week Away

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Which one of these great movies should I watch next?

It’s summer. It’s a camp. There’s teenage romance, music and dancing in the air. Girl loves boy. Boy loves girl. There’s a bit of trouble but all works out in the end. It’s a cliché plot but it worked so well in A Week Away. If you are looking for more musical rom com movies like A Week Away, here’s a list of 7 movies that will keep you glued to your television for a few days at least.

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7 Musical Romantic Movies like A Week Away

1 High School Musical (2006)

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Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens made waves with their chemistry in High School Musical. Troy (Zac) is the school’s most prolific jock, a star basketball player. Vanessa is Gabriella Montez, the school’s newest student. When they gettogether by chance with roles on a high school musical, their chemistry explodes.

The singing, the dancing and the romance with plenty of comedy will make for some very easy watching. And a high school rom com wouldn’t be complete without mean girls and guys and there’s plenty of that too. The lead duo do their best to work through the school’s difficult social strata and stereotypes to develop a romance and also impress with their musical performances.

A thorough entertainer from start to finish. This movie was so popular that a total of three sequels were made after it. If High School Musical entertains you, you easily have more to watch by following it up with the sequels.

Definitely the first movie we will recommend on our list of movies to watch after A Week Away.

2 Save the Last Dance (2001)

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Save the Last Dance is a romantic movie although there isn’t much comedy on offer. It’s more of a drama romance movie. But, just like in A Week Away, Sara (Julia Stiles) and Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas) try to explore their romance while trying to navigating life in a group. In A Week Away, it’s camp. In save the last dance, it is the world of underground street dancing. The movie is about dance, romance and also about interracial romance.

The movie is not all happy like in A Week Away, but it is definitely a feel good movie in the end. And if you are looking for romance, there’s plenty of it!

3 Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)

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Nick (Michael Cera) is pathetic at relationships. He’s also a member of a not so popular band called The Jerk Offs. Norah (Kat Dennings) asks Nick to pretend to be her boyfriend for 5 minutes, when her judgmental friend asks her if she is again alone at the club. 5 minutes turns into a night of fun both of them never, ever expected

An unlikely but sure romance develops between the two. The theme of the movie is that there is a song for every moment of their intense romance. There’s plenty of whacky characters to keep the comedy coming. Psychotic ex-boyfriends, trashy ex-girlfriends, Russian food, Stripping nuns and more. It’s a wild night out, with romantic chemistry between Nick and Norah holding the plot together nicely.

4 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

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Ok, this isn’t a musical like A Week Away and we know it. But, it is a teenage comedy you must watch for sure. The movie is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. The Shrew in this movie is Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles). She doesn’t date. But, her sister Bianca (Larisa Oleynik) wants to date. Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is told by Bianca’s father that he can date Bianca after Bianca’s sister Kat goes on a date. So, Cameron pays Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger), a mysterious, bad boy teenager to go out on a date with Kat. But, what was supposed to be a pretend date quickly develops into a beautiful romance.

Not your conventional rom com movie but one you will thoroughly enjoy. Heath Ledger (RIP) shows his acting prowess even at such a young age. Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt revel in their parts as well.

5 La La Land (2016)

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La La Land is definitely not about teenagers. But, if it was the music that got you hitched to A Week Away, you are in for an absolute treat in this musical. There’s very mature romance as well. Ryan Gosling is Sebastian, a talented Jazz artist who plays in dingy clubs, hoping to catch a big break. Emma Stone is Mia, an aspiring actress struggling to get her foot in the door into the movie industry. They share a beautiful romance that blossoms with time. But, as they inch closer to their career goals, they are pulled more and more apart as a couple. How will they reconcile their love for each other, while still pursuing their passion?

This and more is told through a beautiful musical that will give you the goosebumps. It’s no surprise that this movie won 6 Oscars. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are absolutely brilliant in their individual roles and as a couple. If it’s a musical that you want, start with this movie first, after watching A Week Away!

6 Step Up (2006)

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Step Up is a cult romantic musical movie that started off a long sequel of dance themed romance movies. In this original movie, Channing Tatum is Tyler, a street dancer. Tyler is also a troublemaker and lands 200 hours of community service at an Arts School that he and his friends vandalized. While performing the role of a janitor, Tyler stands in as a partner for ballet dancer Nora (Jenna Dewans). Then, they hit it off, both with dance and romance. What follows is a musical that will reward you with inspiring music and dance, while the romance flows.

This movie was so successful that no less than 4 sequels were made. The 4 movies in this sequel are well worth a watch too. You could just make it a Step Up marathon after watching this one that started it all!

7 Pitch Perfect (2012)

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A musical romantic movie that graduates you from high school to college. Beca (Anna Kendrick) is a freshman. She’s an aspiring DJ with no real interest in college life. But, she meets Jesse (Skylar Astin) who is part of a male A Cappella group. Beca then joins the female A Cappella group called the Barden Bellas. Barden Bellas is run with an iron fist by Chloe (Brittany Snow). They do the same routines year after year. But, Beca infuses new ideas that are heavily resisted by Chloe, even though she finds support from the other Bellas. What follows is a comedic reordering of the social strata and some epic performances and sing-offs against other teams in the contest. Of course, the romance with Jesse is carried through to the end as well, with some ups and downs, just like with any relationship.

There’s plenty of hilarious characters like Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Anna Camp (Aubrey). Benji (Ben Platt) and many others like Elizabeth Banks (who plays a commentator) who keep the jokes coming. Just like most of the movie suggested in this list, there’s a great sequel to follow up with after watching Pitch Perfect.

A fun musical rom com just like A Week Away, only a lot better!

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