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Movies like Every Breath You Take
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Which one of these great movies should I watch next?

In Every Breath You Take, a psychiatrist invites a dead client’s grieving brother into his home. What follows is a twisted psychological thriller where the mysterious guest plays mind games. Trying to turn the family against one another, there’s seduction, romance and manipulation. Sam Claflin did a great job of portraying James, the guest with devious intentions. If you liked the movie for the intrigue, suspense and sexual tension, you will like almost all of the following movies like Every Breath You Take.

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7 Stalker/Obsession Movies like Every Breath You Take

1 The Perfect Guy (2015)

The Perfect Guy - movies like every breath you take 2021Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Leah (Sanaa Lathan) is an accomplished executive professional. When she breaks up with her boyfriend Dave (Morris Chestnut), she falls for the very charming Carter (Michael Ealy). Carter is everything she wanted her dream man to be. Good looking, great in bed, a good listener and eager to mingle with her family. But, she then witnesses Carter uncontrollably lose his temper in a seemingly ordinary situation. The doubts begin and she pulls away from Carter. Carter then descends into an obsessive world where he will go to any length to get Leah back, even though she is terrified of him.

Great acting performances even though the plot is a bit predictable. Even the trailer sort of gives everything away. But, it’s a good watch still. If sexual tension is what got you hooked to Every Breath You Take, there’s plenty of that in this movie as well!

2 The Resident (2011)

The Resident - movies similar to every breath you take 2021Watch on Amazon Prime Video

In The Resident, obsession doesn’t come from a scorned ex-lover. It instead comes from a landlord who voyeurs on his tenant. Dr. Juliet Deverau (Hillary Swank) is a young doctor who can’t believe it when she lands a spacious loft in Brooklyn. Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), her landlord, is very courteous and polite. But, as days pass by after she moves in, Juliet senses something is wrong.

As the landlord’s deviant behavior slowly comes to light, Juliet is horrified as to how his calm demeanor changes to that of a demented madman who will stop at nothing. The acting performances are very convincing, especially from Hillary Swank. With most of the movie filmed inside the loft apartment, you are drawn into the plot, as if you were living there yourself. A very underrated movie that deserved more praise and eyeballs than it got!

3 The Boy Next Door (2015)

The Boy Next Door - netflix movies like every breath you takeWatch on Netflix

If you are looking for Netflix movies like Every Breath You Take, this is definitely one to watch. Jennifer Lopez is Claire, a beautiful woman who is facing marital issues after her husband cheated on her. Her husband and her and separated but still on on talking terms, mostly for the sake of their young teenage son. Claire’s aged neighbor has his young and handsome nephew Noah (Ryan Guzman) come over to live with him, to care for him. Noah quickly bonds with Claire’s son and win’s Claire’s trust. They then have an impulsive night together. But, Claire repents her actions and wants to break it off with Noah. But, Noah has no intention of letting her go.

What follows is a thriller where Claire not only has to protect herself, but her family as well. Like with most movies in this niche, the plot’s a little predictable. Dialogs here and there could have been better but the two main lead characters, Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman, hold the movie together well. Their chemistry is very good and their attraction to each other adds to the intrigue of this thriller.

4 Gone Girl (2014)

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Gone Girl - movies similar to every breath you takeNick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports his wife Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) as missing, on the eve of their 5th wedding anniversary. Ben portrays himself as a grief stricken husband who wants his wife back. But, as the media reveals his extramarital affairs and other inconsistencies, the focus of attention on him changes from that of pity to suspicion. Did he kill his wife? The movie’s screenplay takes you on two parallelly running tracks.

One is the focus on Nick and the media circus around him. The other is a focus on Amy’s life on the run, trying to survive with a new identity. Yes, she isn’t dead. But, it isn’t a spoiler. The movie is a fantastic thriller as it has very deep and dark undertones. Both Nick and Amy will keep surprising you with uncharacteristic acts that will have you wondering who is good and who is bad.

Easily the most popular movie on our list of movies like Every Breath You Take. Gone Girl has a 8.1 rating at IMDB, with almost 900,000 votes cast on it. The movie is based on a very complicated novel with the same title, authored by Gillian Flynn.

Besides a riveting plot, the technical movie making is also brilliant. Great musical score, very smart editing and gorgeous cinematography that just lets you soak into a dark mood that is necessary to enjoy and appreciate this movie.

5 Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)

Sleeping with the enemy - films like every breath you takeAmerica’s sweetheart Julia Roberts is Laura Burney. Stuck in an abusive marriage, she resorts to faking her death in a drowning accident to begin a new life. She moves to a small town and changes her appearance and name. She cautiously strikes a romance with a sweet local who can’t understand why she is so guarded. But, just as she opens up to him, her abusive husband Martin Burney (Patrick Bergin) finds out where she lives. And, he will stop at nothing to have her back.

It is all boils down into a riveting thriller climax where you are taken on a whirlwind of emotions. Will Laura make it? Will she succumb to Martin’s obsession and violence once again? Or, is there something very different instore for the jilted couple?

This movie might be from 1991 but it’s a fantastic thriller that we will gladly put on our list here.

6 The Girl on the Train (2016)

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The girl on the train - films similar to every breath you takeThe Girl on the Train features Emily Blunt playing Rachel Watson. Rachel is divorced. Every day, she takes the train to work, passing by her house where her ex-husband now continues to live. He not just lives there, but now has a new wife and a step child. To divert her attention from the pain of everyday seeing a home and husband she lost, Rachel begins to focus on a couple a few houses down. She sees them happy and imagines how their ideal life would be. But, one day, she sees something shocking happen between the couple. The next moment, she wakes up not knowing what happened the night before. She is bruised and wounded. TV reports tell her that the woman in the home Rachel was fantasizing about has gone missing.

What did Rachel do the previous night? Why can’t she remember her actions? This intense thriller unfolds from the perspective of Rachel’s mind herself, as memories slowly come back to her.

Just like in Every Breath You Take, there’s plenty of steamy sexually intriguing scenes in this movie. There’s no holds barred obsession as well.

The Girl on the Train has a 6.5 rating at IMDB, with over 150,000 votes.

7 Fatal Attraction (1987)

fata attraction movie like every breath you takeIf anyone can deliver a phenomenal stalking performance, its Glenn Close. She has set standard for a deeply obsessive stalker with her incredible performance in Fatal Attraction. Dan (Michael Douglas) has an affair with Alex (Glenn Close). What seemed to be have been a night of philandering between two consenting adults quickly turns into an obsessive nightmare. Alex wants Dan in her life. But, Dan has a wife (Anne Archer) and child.

As Dan fights off Alex’s every attempt at intruding into his life, tension builds between them and within Dan’s own family. But, when Alex crosses the line to make contact with Dan’s daughter, mayhem follows. The lovemaking scenes in this movie are exceptional. Glenn Close is phenomenal. There’s an iconic scene about a boiled rabbit and that’s all we can tell you about that.

So, there you have it, 7 tense psychological thriller movies like Every Breath You Take. Let us know which one of these 7 made it to your bucket list! We would love to hear from you through your comments. If you have your own suggestions for movies like Every Breath You Take, we are all years! Please drop us a comment.

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