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Great Movies like Cherry 2021
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Which one of these great movies should I watch next?

In Cherry (2021), Tom Holland plays a sweet young kid whose life changes after serving as a army medic. Severely affected by post traumatic stress after his return from the war, he starts hearing a voice in his head. Despite having love from a caring girlfriend in Emily (Ciara Bravo), Cherry turns to drugs to find peace. Drugs leads him to a mounting debt. Debt forces him to become a bank robber. It’s a vicious cycle that puts him on a life of haywire, chaos and risk, as he struggles to maintain a sense of normalcy. If you liked Cherry, you will love the following good people gone bad movies like Cherry.

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9 Movies Like Cherry (2021)

1 The Hurt Locker (2008)

The Hurt Locker - Movies like CherryWatch on Amazon Prime

Jeremy Renner plays Staff Sergeant William James in The Hurt Locker. A brilliant bomb diffuser, William is also a maverick at the way he goes about doing what bomb squads do. His way of handling his work makes life difficult for his squad members, who both admire and fear his reckless style. But, why is William the way he is?

There’s a clue in the movie’s title. That’s all we will give away. The rest is for you to see. Jeremy Renner is phenomenal in a reckless persona. He really should have won as Oscar for best actor but didn’t, even though he was rightly nominated. The film won Motion Picture of the Year though, in 2008.

We highly recommend The Hurt Locker if you liked Cherry. It is an emotionally high strung movie with plenty of thrill and drama on offer too.

2 Drive (2011)

Drive - Movies like CherryWatch on Amazon Prime

Ryan Gosling plays an unnamed driver in Drive. He is a Hollywood stunt driver. He also moonlights as a getaway driver, requiring him to work in a murky world of crime. But, where his life spins out of control is when he falls in love with his neighbor, a single mother with an husband in jail. To what lengths will the mysterious driver be pushed? That’s Drive for you, a gripping and thrilling watch from start to end.

Carey Mulligan is great as Ryan Gosling’s love interest. The movie also features appearances by Bryan Cranston and Christina Hendricks. Features a very, very violent scene where the director just uses audio to convey an act of pure violence.

3 The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)

The Place beyond the Pines - Movies like CherryWatch on Amazon Prime

This is a movie that is very similar to Cherry (2021). Ryan Gosling, yes, again, plays Luke, a motorcycle stunt rider who turns to robbing banks. Though not a criminal at heart, it is something he has to do to care for his girlfriend (Eva Mendes) and his baby.

But, his criminal adventures make him lock horns with a cop (Bradley Cooper) hell bent on capturing the serial bank robber. Compounding matters is the fact that the cop reports to a corrupt detective who has his own personal interests in the matter.

A movie that garnered almost a quarter million reviews at sites like IMDB, coming in with a solid 7.3/10 score when we last checked.

4 Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club - Movies like CherryWatch on Amazon Prime

Edward Norton is the narrator and lead in Fight Club. To overcome perennial insomnia and a fragile emotional state, he begins fake attending support groups. During these visits, he runs into Marla (Helena Bonham Carter) who also fakes various conditions to meet support groups. He develops feelings for her. Just when things seem to be looking up, he also meets Tyler (Brad Pitt). Tyler is as mysterious as they come. He makes and sells soaps by day, and starts and runs fight clubs by the night.

This is where Norton enters the world of Fight Club. As he begins to fraternize with the members of the fight club, he also realizes that he has to fight for Marla, who shows romantic interests in Tyler. When Norton finds out what the true purpose of Fight Club is, it all boils down to revealing a shocking truth.

Fight Club is a cult movie. At IMDB, it is rated 8.8 with a whopping 1.8 Million reviews. If you are trying to find yourself or want to liberate your soul as a man or a woman, this movie is a fantastic starting point for inspiration and motivation.

5 The Godfather (1972)

The Godfather - Movies like CherryWatch on Amazon Prime

Marlon Brando plays Don Vito Corleone. An aging Don, he must find a successor to his throne before his time comes. Al Pacino plays Michael Corleone, a decorated WW II Marine. Michael wants nothing to do with his father’s dynasty or the mafia. But, as fate would have it, he is pulled into the family business. Though reluctant at first, Michael dives head first into reorganizing the way mafia is run. He goes all out and wages war against all mafia families. Will his high risk plan pay off? Will he be the new Godfather or let the Corleone family down?

The Godfather is the mother of all mafia movies. Much like in Cherry, it shows how a rather unassuming and quiet man in Michael stepping up when time comes calling to take on a perilous world run by heatless mafia members.

The Godfather has one of the highest ratings for a movie at IMDB, coming in at 9.2 with close to 1.7 million reviews.

6 Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan - Movies like CherryWatch on Amazon Prime

Natalie Portman is phenomenal as Nina, a promising dancer in a ballet company. When the ballet company announces a big upcoming production, the role of white swan is up for grabs. Nina is a favorite. But, there’s a catch. To be a white swan, Nina must also be able to play a black swan. A natural fit for being a white swan, Nina must explore her dark side to be able to portray a black swan. To make matters difficult for her is Lily (Mila Kunis) who is perfect as a black swan. She is seductive and mysterious by nature. Camaraderie, friendship and enmity collide as the two interact.

Black Swan is brilliant in how it shows Nina trying to find balance between her happy and dark personalities. Will she be able to win the role as lead dancer or will her adventures to explore her dark side lead her to recklessness and despair?

A fantastic psychological thriller with simply brilliant acting performances.

7 Memento (2000)

Memento - Movies like CherryWatch on Amazon Prime

One of Christopher Nolan’s earlier works, Memento does what almost all Christopher Nolan movies do, play with time. One angle of the story travels forward while another angle travels backward. But, where they intersect is where brilliance emergences in the plot.

Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator suffers from a unique problem. He cannot accumulate new memories. He also has short term memory loss. He writes notes a what happened today but they don’t mean anything tomorrow! Stuck firmly in the past, he makes it his life’s mission to find out who murdered his wife, the last thing he can consistently and vividly remember. With a tagline called “Some memories are best forgotten” this is a movie that will require you to be sharp as you watch it Get that coffee before you hit play! For most of the movie, you will be just as convinced as Leonard. But, it was intended to be that way, to keep you guessing.

Stars Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano among others.

8 Nightcrawler (2014)

Nightcrawler - Movies like CherryWatch on Amazon Prime

Nightcrawler is a dark thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom. Who is a nightcrawler? Any journalist who follows ambulance sirens to crashes, fires, murders and other locations of mayhem to report pictures, videos and news. It’s a dark but lucrative business.

When Lou discovers it as a gig after struggling for work, he goes into overdrive. Rene Russo plays Nina, Lou’s aid. Together, they seem to be everywhere tragedy occurs, to be the first to report it. But, does Lou just have a knack for sniffing out gory scenes or does he have more to do with it. Could be orchestrating the show himself? To what lengths will he go to be the first at the scene? What you will learn will blow your mind!


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