8 Vengeance Action Movies like Wrath of Man (2021)

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Movies like Wrath of Man 2021
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Which one of these great movies should I watch next?

In Wrath of Man, Jason Statham is a hired gun for a company that moves cash around LA. But, just after he is employed, his cash carrying vans are hit again and again. And, it is always H (Jason Statham) to the rescue. Soon, his team figures out that it’s not just a coincidence that they are targeted as robberies. It’s because H wants them to get hit with robberies. But, why! To exact revenge for his son’s death, his son who was killed by a mob whose known modus operandi is to hit cash carrying trucks.

In essence, Man of Wrath is about vengeance. And, there’s plenty of high octane action. If you liked the movie, here are 8 more movies like Wrath of Man.

Also. here are more recent action and thriller movies for which you might be needing similar movie suggestions. Movies like Nobody (Starring Bob Odenkirk of Better Caul Saul fame), and movies like Every Breath You Take.

8 Action Revenge Movies like Wrath of Man (2021)

1 The Mechanic (2011)

The Mechanic - movies like wrath of manWatch on Amazon Prime Video

What does Wrath of Man and The Mechanic have in common? Well, to begin with, they both star Jason Statham delivering his signature style of action. Both movies are also about revenge. In The Mechanic, Jason Statham is Arthur Bishop. He is an assassin for hire. A clinical hitman, Arthur keeps emotions at bay. But, when his mentor is murdered, Arthur isn’t a gun for hire anymore. It’s personal. And, he wants blood. What makes the plot more interesting than the usual revenge plot is that the dead mentor’s soon comes looking for Arthur as well. Why? Because he wants in on the revenge of his father. Arthur doesn’t work with others. But here he makes an exception. The camaraderie between the two as they find and hunt down their dear one’s killers makes for a good watch. Ben Foster impresses as Arthur’s new comrade.

The Mechanic has a respectable 6.6 rating at IMDB, with over 150,000 ratings.

2 Anna (2019)

Anna - movies like wrath of ManOk, Anna isn’t a movie about vengeance. But, Sasha Luss sizzles as Anna, in quintessential Jason Statham style. She’s smooth. She’s vicious and boy can she fight. Director by Luc Besson, the creator of Lucy and The Professional, the movie is fast paced, never boring and full of high octane action.

A very pretty woman, Anna uses her striking beauty to live an undercover assassin life, taking out highly placed government targets as a living.

3 John Wick (2014)

John Wick - movies similar to Wrath of ManWatch on Amazon Prime Video

You don’t kill a man’s dog. And, you definitely don’t kill a man’s dog that was a gift from his dying wife. Keanu Reeves is John Wick, a former hit man getting away from it all. But, when everything that is dear to him is taken away, he has no choice but to re-engage his past persona. With nothing but revenge on his mind, he takes out a whole gangster organization, with his trademark shoot’em up style.

The gangsters know who John Wick is and what he is capable of. But, that won’t stop John!

John Wick is a very successful movie. It sparked off a sequel that is just as popular as the original.

John Wick has a 7.4 rating at IMDB, with more than half a million ratings.

4 Peppermint (2018)

Peppermint - Netflix movies similar to wrath of manIf you are looking for Netflix movies like Wrath of Man, Peppermint is one you want to watch. Jennifer Garner plays a mother and wife who sees her innocent husband and daughter gunned down right in front of her. For 5 years, she disappears after exiling herself. But, all along, nothing but vengeance is on her mind.

She comes back with one aim and one aim only, to kill every single soul involved in the murder of her loving family. Jennifer Garner’s acting is very convincing and she looks the part of a woman seeking revenge. Fit, focused and with nothing to lose.

Peppermint is an engaging and easy watch if you are into action thrillers like Wrath of Man.

5 Taken (2008)

Taken - movies after wrath of manWatch on Amazon Prime Video

Liam Neeson is Bryan Mills, a retired CIA agent. His daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) travels to Paris. While there, she is kidnapped by a sex trafficking gang. Using just a “Hello” he heard uttered by one of the kidnappers, Bryan then descends into full blown action. He uses his CIA network and his hardened espionage and trained fighting skills to find his daughter and the people who abducted her.

The movie is an excellent thriller that will have you on the edge of your seats, right from almost when the film begins out. Liam Neeson is brilliant as the smart, resourceful and focused father hell bent on rescuing his daughter. Maggie Grace delivers an excellent performance as a daughter who does what she can to stay alive until her father finds her.

Taken has the highest rating on our list of movies like Wrath of Man, coming in at a very impressive 7.8 at IMDB. It also has more than half a million ratings cast on it. If you like Taken, which we are sure you will, you can watch the whole trilogy. They are all great movies just like Wrath of Man!

6 Snitch (2013)

Snitch - films to watch after wrath of manJust like Taken, Snitch is also about a rescue rather than revenge. Dwayne Johnson is John Matthews, a hardworking owner of a construction company. When John’s son is arrested on a false drug trafficking charge, he faces an unjust and long punishment in prison. Desperate to prove his innocence, John makes a dangerous deal with the DEA. Allow him to go undercover in the world of narcotics, so he can find the DEA enough big name arrests to trade for his innocent son’s freedom.

John’s dangerous endeavor puts his life at stake at every corner, with the risk of his cover being blown at any moment.

An exciting watch. Snitch has a 6.4 rating at IMDB, with close to 100,000 ratings. Also stars Susan Sarandon.

7 Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (2021)

If you are looking for a recent movie like Wrath of Man, Without Remorse might catch your fancy. Features Michael B. Jordan in the lead. John Kelly (Jordan) is an elite Navy Seal. When John’s pregnant wife is murdered, John sets out to seek revenge. But, as he unravels the mystery behind his wife’s murder, he gets entangled in a complex conspiracy. John is then conflicted between his personal mission and his loyalty to the country as he traverses a dangerous and uncertain world of international politics and espionage.

Based on Tom Clancy’s very popular book. An exciting watch with some solid acting performances. There’s plenty of great action too!

8 47 Ronin (2013)

47 Ronin is about a band of 47 Samurai warriors seeking to avenge the death and dishonor of their master. A psychotic Shogun slays a beloved Samurai Master for the sole reason that he wasn’t accepted into the Ronin clan. Unifying to seek revenge, the band of fearless warriors set out to find and kill the murderer of their mentor.

Kai (Keanu Reeves) leads the band as they travel through lands where they have to fight deformed creatures, evil magic and a half-breed demented Shogun’s warriors army. It’s Samurais vs Shoguns. An entertaining watch.

47 Ronin has a 6.3 rating at IMDB, with close to a 150,000 ratings.

So, there you have it. 8 action packed revenge or rescue movies like Wrath of Man. Which one of these are going to cut it into your list. Do let us know. Have a suggestion of your own? Please do share it with us and the other readers, using the comment box below. We always love publishing reader comments, after a quick approval!

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