Movies like Every Breath You Take
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7 Obsession Movies like Every Breath You Take (2021)

In Every Breath You Take, a psychiatrist invites a dead client’s grieving brother into his home. What follows is a

Movies like Monday 2021
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5 Dysfunctional Romantic Movies like Monday (2021)

In Monday, Mickey (Sebastian Stan) and Chloe (Denise Gough) get entangled in a wild weekend of romance. With things moving

Movies like Stowaway 2021 Netflix
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6 Space Survival Movies Like Stowaway (2021)

In Netflix’s Stowaway, an engineer is mistakenly taken along on a space ship after he goes unconscious while carrying out

15 Movies like Thunder Force
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15 Wacky Action Comedy Movies Like Thunder Force

Liked Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer as friends turned superheroes in Thunder Force? It’s a wacky, silly, slapstick action-comedy with

Movies like Voyagers 2021
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7 Sci-Fi Adventure Movies Like Voyagers (2021)

In Voyagers, a crew of astronauts are bred for the sole purpose of carrying out a colonization mission on a

movies like Concrete Cowboy
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6 Father Child Drama Movies Like Concrete Cowboy

In Concrete Cowboy, Idris Elba shines as Harp, a Black Cowboy in a small Philadelphia community. When his son estranged

Movies like The Unholy 2021
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6 Religious Horror Movies Like The Unholy (2021)

In The Unholy, a young girl with a hearing impairment is miraculously visited by the Virgin Mary herself. The encounter

Movies like the girl who believes in Miracles
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6 Movies like The Girl Who Believes in Miracles (2021)

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles is a movie that gives humanity tremendous hope. In a world of uncertainty, suffering