Movies like The Night House 2021
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6 Psychological Movies Like The Night House (2021)

The Night House is a brilliant psychological thriller. A wife mourns her husband’s death in a lonely lake house. But,

Movies like Charming the hearts of men
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6 Equality Movies Like Charming the Hearts of Men

In Charming the Hearts of Men, you saw a sophisticated and wealthy socialite woman abruptly have to return to her

Movies like Naked Singularity 2021
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6 Unusual Heist Movies like Naked Singularity

Naked Singularity is a difficult movie to put in a box. As if combining social justice and a heist wasn’t

movies like the east 2021
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7 Peacekeeping Movies like The East (2021)

In The East, you saw a soldier’s dilemma to choose between duty and conscience. War can do that to you!

Movies like Free Guy 2021
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6 Simulation Movies Like Free Guy (2021)

Free Guy has easily become the most successful summer film of 2021. That’s quite an achievement, even if it did

Movies like Beckett 2021
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8 On-The-Run Movies like Beckett (2021)

In Netflix’s Beckett, you saw a lone American desperately try to find his way back to the States, after he

movies like playing god 2021
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7 Con Movies like Playing God (2021)

In Playing God, you saw a pair of con artists enlist the help of their mentor to relieve a billionaire