Movies like Naked Singularity 2021
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6 Unusual Heist Movies like Naked Singularity

Naked Singularity is a difficult movie to put in a box. As if combining social justice and a heist wasn’t

movies like Stillwater 2021
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7 Drama Thriller Movies Like Stillwater (2021)

Matt Damon returns in only his second movie as an actor in two long years. And, the wait was well

Movies like No Sudden Move
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9 Movies like No Sudden Move (2021)

There’s no such thing as an easy crime. When crime goes sideways, it usually results in an unpredictable shamble that

movies like gully 2021
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7 Hood Life Movies like Gully (2021)

In Gully, you follow the life of three troubled young men over the course of 48 hours. Searching for an

Movies like Army of the Dead 2021
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6 Zombie Movies like Army of the Dead (2021)

Army of the Dead is probably going to go down as Netflix’s biggest release in the first half of 2021.

Great Movies like Cherry 2021
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8 Good Gone Bad Movies like Cherry (2021)

In Cherry (2021), Tom Holland plays a sweet young kid whose life changes after serving as a army medic. Severely

Movies like Body Brokers
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7 Scam Movies like Body Brokers (2021)

In Body Brokers, Utah (Jack Kilmer) joins a substance abuse rehab center. While there, he learns how addiction rehab is