Movies like Free Guy 2021
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6 Simulation Movies Like Free Guy (2021)

Free Guy has easily become the most successful summer film of 2021. That’s quite an achievement, even if it did

Movies like Infinite 2021
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8 Sci-Fi Thriller Movies Like Infinite (2021)

Mark Wahlberg ventures into the Sci-Fi action genre with Infinite. He is Evan Michaels. Evan suffers from hallucinations but slowly

Movies like Stowaway 2021 Netflix
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6 Space Survival Movies Like Stowaway (2021)

In Netflix’s Stowaway, an engineer is mistakenly taken along on a space ship after he goes unconscious while carrying out

Movies like Voyagers 2021
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7 Sci-Fi Adventure Movies Like Voyagers (2021)

In Voyagers, a crew of astronauts are bred for the sole purpose of carrying out a colonization mission on a

Movies like Boss Level
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8 Action Loop Movies like Boss Level (2021)

“Edge of Tomorrow meets Groundhog Day”. That’s how Boss Level is summed by a witty YouTuber in the movie’s trailer

Movies like Chaos Walking
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20 Dystopian Movies like Chaos Walking (2021)

In Chaos Walking, Viola (Daisy Ridley) is the only woman left on the planet. And, she can visually see and

Movies like Bliss 2021
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10 Sci-Fi Drama Movies Like Bliss (2021)

Starring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek, Bliss is a sci-fi romance that toggles you between two worlds. Isabel Clemens (Hayek)